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This is not the time to gamble or make investments. If you have questions about your financial situation, you must be patient, as it will take time for you to discover the answers you seek.

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The judge is known for his judgmental outlook on the world — everything is black or white, right or wrong. But when this attitude is reversed, it is a freedom to simply accept what is. We are often our own worst critics.

Taurus ~ Justice is Yours! Death to the Dark!! September LOVE TAROT READING

You should view this card as a reminder to be flexible and be willing to bend the rules a little bit. When dealing with hard times, it is very common to worry about everything that is going on. But the Justice reversed may be telling you that it is time to let go of your fears. The situation at hand has reached a stalemate, so your worrying is not accomplishing anything. Redirect your worries into positive energies. A new outlook might be all you need to find the solution to your problems.

It takes two people to make a relationship. Even though you may feel as though you partner has treated you unfairly, relationship problems are rarely the sole fault of one person. Take a step back to reassess your own role in creating your current difficulties.

Which Tarot Card Rules Your Zodiac Sign?

It will be necessary if you want to work through the problems your relationship is facing. Talk to a love and relationship psychic on Keen for insights about your specific situation. You may feel as though you are ready to be in a romantic relationship, but the Justice reversed suggests otherwise. Long term, serious romantic relationships require a lot of work. While you may believe that you are ready to settle down and commit, you very well may be standing in your own way to finding love. Being a good partner starts by being a strong individual.

Find yourself before finding love. The Justice reversed card may refer to unfair treatment you have received at your work. You may even find yourself taking the blame for the shortcomings of others. Unfortunately, there really is nothing that you can do to change this situation in the short term. If you allow your emotions to get the best of you, it will likely cause much worse problems for you down the road. Slow down and take the necessary time to think through your options.

Aries — The Emperor (March 21 - April 19)

Before you take any action, get some advice from a trusted confidant — a career psychic reading is an option to consider for this. You need to focus on making the changes that will benefit you the most in the long run. You should also focus on maintaining a healthy balance between life and work. Do not let your work consume you to the point that you are no longer enjoying other parts of your life.

In a health-related reading, the reversed Justice card is a reminder to live in the moment. You will be creating a foundation for yourself for the years to come.

Justice tarot card meaning

Get ready for a big change! This card in the future position tells you that everything that you are working toward at this time, no matter how trivial it may seem, is moving you toward a big decision that will change your life forever. It assures you that karma is about to be set into action and if you have had difficulties reconciling a situation, Lady Justice is about to come to your aid. This card encourages you to listen when conflict arrives.

Make a concerted effort to understand the other side of the story. Observe, do not speak. This way, you will discover details of events that paint a full picture for you and will allow you to make an informed and balanced decision. Justice reversed indicates that you or whoever the card is representing is having difficulty accepting responsibility for mistakes that have been made. The card in the advice position suggests that the traits of fairness, accountability, and truth are blocked. It is a message to reflect inwardly and look at the situation honestly.

Have you been holding onto an unfair or biased view of a situation? Or perhaps it is time for you to apologize to someone and take responsibility? This can also apply to ourselves. Have you been an overly harsh self-critic? Perhaps it is time to forgive yourself. The laws of compassion, fairness, and honesty also apply to ourselves.

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Learn your lessons, acknowledge your mistakes and accept responsibility. Then forgive yourself and move forward. The scales of Justice have been balanced and you are now free. In a One Card Tarot spread the answers are very concise.

Practice impartiality and fairness in any situations that are challenging you. Listen without judgment and pay attention to facts, rather than running with emotion. A major decision is at hand, and if you have been acting in good faith, karma is about to work in your favor.

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If you have made mistakes, it is time to take action toward reconciliation. Taurus, you are ruled by The Hierophant. Your Tarot represents you as a spiritual person or a person with higher wisdom. You have all the qualities to mentor others to seek their true and conventional path. The card speaks of you as a learned man and asks you to learn more in order to pursue your passion. The Hierophant is the card of virtue with the message of searching the truth of your life.

Gemini, The Lovers is your tarot card for the zodiac sign. Like your traits, the Lovers speaks of your dual nature and partnership skills. It indicates the crossroads of two choices where you need to choose one that is more ethical. The card as your tarot is the sign that you need to be decisive and look for long term goals rather than sticking with small moments of pleasure. The Lovers as tarot is more a bit of advice for seeking commitments and personal integrity. The Chariot is your card, Cancer. In tarot reading for zodiac signs , the Chariot stands as a strong and dominant person.

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You are self-driven and focused on your goals. Being ruled by water sign, you exhibit through various changes. The Chariot here reminds you to adapt through changes and take risks coming out of the secure environment. You, Leo, own the tarot of Strength in the tarot card reading for your zodiac.

Like your symbol, the tarot card speaks of courage and immense physical strength. It is an indication that you have the power to conquer and hold amazing control over your emotions, feelings, mental and spiritual sphere. The appearance of Strength is a sign that your strength will be tested and at that time you must leave your ego and choose humbleness for success. The Hermit is your card, Virgo.

Know Your Tarot Cards According To Your Zodiac Sign

It is the card of solitude and shows your sensitivity towards the deceits of the outer world. The card advises you to take the time for yourself and think over self-introspection. It asks you to explore yourself deeply and look over the real purpose of life to gain success and happiness. This is also an indication that you must open up yourself and share your knowledge with others. You Libra can only be represented best with the Tarot card of Justice. The card in the tarot card reading is the sign of balance, fairness, and harmony.