Pets Are People, Too

As a result they begin to live as their Higher Self or Spirit have intended. If that happens, a Capricorn not only begins to respect oneself but also begins to inspire other people , and teaches them how to live in cooperation with true self through their own example. Capricorn discovers true meaning of self-control when their main goals are connected not with the outside world, but with the inner world. In other words, Capricorn has to realize that the main thing is to learn how to control perception of the mind. They have to stop allowing external conditions dictate what they should do, think or feel.

Capricorn have to make their own choices — without being depended on what is happening around them.

Serenity is self sacrifice, ability to control and direct oneself as well as accumulate energy. When Capricorn embraces their own tenacity to get rid of negative emotions and start treating everything with kindness and in the positive light, their inner wisdom and broad personality help them to obtain results in anything they do. That is when Capricorn will be able to have remarkable influence on the lives of other people including their own.