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If something about a friend or colleague provokes your envy or rage, turn that negativity into a positive by being inspired by their success and taking steps along that path. No one believes in "You had me at hello" until they've been had at hello. It could happen to you on Sunday, Libra, as the annual full moon in Aries activates your seventh house of relationships.

Under these buoyant beams, a passing glance can swiftly evolve into a passionate embrace, or you could meet the perfect project partner whose talents totally "complete" your own. Already attached? Download WeddingWire, scour Zillow for a place that's perfectly sized for two, or do something that feels like an exhilarating next step. Get the Horoscope Guide! Libra Daily Horoscope. Tuesday, October 8, We're preaching to the choir here, but today, as your ruler, hedonistic Venus, beams into your luxurious second house, swathe yourself in beauty and comfort.

Thursday, October 10, You're always more inspired to exercise and eat clean if there's a meaningful element to it—and some beauty! Friday, October 11, Another helping, Libra? Saturday, October 12, - Sunday, October 13, Watch out for a cameo appearance of the jade-eyed monster this Saturday, Libra. Online fortune-telling, virtual divination and much, much more. We don't require registration or ask for your personal information. Sponsored Links Sponsored SpiritNavigator. Anne's Page - This week and next week's forecast by astrologer Anne - Elisabeth. Astrology Zodiac Signs - Weekly horoscopes and detailed astrological signs dates, traits characteristics and general information.

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Creative Numerology - Weekly Forecasts by Christine DeLorey Based on the principles of Free Will and the cycles of nature, Creative Numerology brings this ancient science out of the "unknown", into our expanding and evolving minds. Click on your zodiac sign to get your weekly horoscope.

HoroscopeFriends - Read your free weekly horoscope to plan ahead, with our extended Love and Career forecast for all signs of the zodiac.. Jessica Adams - Your weekly forecast by psychic astrologer Jessica Adams. John Hayes Weekly Horoscopes - Your free weekly forecast. You may also wish to read the corresponding reading of your Moon sign and your Rising sign for a more personalized reading.

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Allow yourself to soar. People see you right now. You are very visible. You must take up the mantle of responsibility. You must show up. So, use this heightened visibility it to your advantage. When you are accountable, you are also respected and remembered. You have the power right now to reach great heights in your career. Make a plan and execute the plan. Follow through.

Clear up those issues that keep popping up and have never been resolved. Get all your ducks in a row, so to speak. It will require some work. But you should have the attention span. Any work you do will pay off, so go for it. You are yearning for something. You can let the feeling lead you. Explore it. What does this yearning mean to you? Does it show you something you are lacking a need, or does it show you a desire a want?

This is a time for you to become very philosophical. Find the inspiration that sits just right with you. Seek out new ideas. Learn from the great teachers. An important thing to remember about philosophy is that it must be adaptive and not fixed. Keep upgrading. Keep learning. Keep hunting. Inside-out transformation. Who are you ready to become? You must be ready to let go if you want to move forward. Let yourself flow in the pool of your feelings.

Feel them all deeply so that you can move on. Poise yourself to forgive. This is deep work. It takes time and commitment. Carve out some room to nurture your evolving soul. You may not be comfortable during the process. Embrace that! Lean into the chaos of emotions and the unknown. Let go. This is your chance to set intentions about how you want to be in partnership. Surprise yourself by rewriting the steps.

In relationship you detest boredom and stuck-ness. So make sure that your vision for an ideal relationship is not being bogged down by the status quo. You are the creator of your life. Get out the pen and draft it to your liking. Think about what you desire. And then share and communicate that vision. Meanwhile, practice being a good listener. You may be inspired to improve yourself. Form healthier habits. Let go of habits that are no longer serving you. You are ready to take yourself to the next level in efficiency. Your current goal is to refine and improve your life.

But balance these out with the most elegant form of of nurturance— moderation. Create a moderate approach to daily planning. But be consistent. These are micro-improvements balanced out with fun and pleasure.

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Make changes that will get you to where you want to be. Your desire to be creative can at times be overwhelming. This may be one of those times. Lean into it anyway. You are here to shine, and now is the time. Keep looking toward the sunny places. Keep responding to hate with love. Holding back your creative spirit is only being ungenerous. So be loving and creative. You may choose to avoid stimulants for a few days early this week, to heighten your intuition and zero in on what you truly desire.

Aim to clear your mind so that your spirt can shine through like a flower reaching toward the sun. Use sound to help you break out of your normal mindset. You are ready to set up new patterns in your home life, or with your family. This could even apply to restructuring the belief systems you developed in childhood. Sound can help you create a meditative zone so that you can zero in on what is ready to shift. When you do this kind of deep restructuring, it is good to have support.

Make a list of all of the different people who support you in your life, they can be people you know, or people you are inspired by. Trust your intuition to guide you to the kind of sound that will best help you break into a deeper state of meditation and healing.

Let your emotions flow and know that you are safe and supported in your process of growth. You are making new connections.

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Improve yourself by continuing your education in whatever field is most relevant to you right now. You may receive information from unexpected sources. Your close friends or immediate family may be a source of education. Ask yourself where you can improve your understanding of the basics in a way that might be most helpful to you now. There is always room for improvement in the basics. Now is the time to seek it out. This is also a good time to journal. Organize your thoughts. Make concrete plans. Share your knowledge with others.

Get grounded.

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Dig in real deep to the core of who you are. Meditate on your root chakra. Remind yourself that you are secure, even if it is a spiritual security. Your symbol suggests that you are ready to feel stable. You can feel nourished by Mother Earth. You can feel that what you are doing is sustainable. You just have to be sure that you deserve to have your needs be met. Make it into a prayer. Create a simple mantra that reminds you of safety and wholeness. Repeat it to yourself in times of doubt. Let it sink in. This bath is medicine for the empath, some healing for the healer, and a way to soak up the power and presence of your own energy.

Taking a ritual bath combined with the self-healing treatment of Reiki has been a gift for me over the past 15 years working as a Medicine Woman and Reiki Master. And my heart is fed by sharing it now, for it is essential for Reiki Practitioners to regularly balance our chakras, clear blockages and call in our abundance as light workers. I believe that the more people there are practicing Reiki, the more peaceful the world will be. Clear your energy by smudging your body with sacred Palo Santo smoke, including the soles of your feet and back of your head.

Place the Peach Moonstone crystal on your solar plexus, the Fluorite on your heart chakra, and the Amethyst on your third eye. You know how important it is to keep your chakras balanced for optimal health — but have you thought about chakra healing for your home, asks Jennifer Stevens? But how do they relate to your home?

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Chakras are energetic centers within the etheric subtle body. A closed chakra is the result of an energetic blockage — typically an emotional or spiritual issue — and just one blocked chakra will affect the rest of your system, causing it to go into overdrive to compensate. This ultimately results in feeling lethargic, scattered or burnt-out. Leaving your chakras out of balance for too long can eventually lead to physical illness. Chakras are ultimately driven by our own energies; and since our home is an extension of our self, they are also accurately represented within our space.

So go with your own intuition on this, but here are a few examples of home chakra healing to get you thinking…. The Root Chakra represents stability, balance and physical survival; it is also our connection to our ancestors. An under-active Root Chakra is characterized by excessive worries about money, paranoia and feeling disconnected. The Root Chakra is about survival and sustenance; and since we literally sustain ourselves with food, the kitchen is the perfect representation of this.

This chakra is also where any energy is eliminated from our body, so the toilet and basement can represent this aspect. Take a look at your kitchen: is it neat, tidy and ready-to-use, or is it a cluttered and dirty mess? Is it bright and filled with fresh food or dark with barren shelves? Schedule a time right now for any necessary repairs. The Sacral Chakra represents our relationship with ourselves, but this extends well beyond us since we project this onto our perception of the world around us.

The big lesson here is simple: you cannot love anyone else until you love yourself. It is also the chakra of sensuality and sexuality. Potential signs of an imbalance in the Sacral Chakra include boredom with life or your relationship and inhibition. In our homes, the Sacral Chakra is represented by any center of creativity. You might have a thriving business running out of the spare bedroom, a blog run from the computer in your home office, or maybe you just really love spending your weekend afternoons creating treats for a dinner party.

Choose the zone that best represents your own version of creativity and take a careful look around. If clutter or improper storage is impeding your ability to create, then get to work at finding some solutions. What classes have you been meaning to take or interests have you been waiting to explore? How can you express this energy in your home? Your creative energy is an integral piece of your soul, so devote some time to honoring it. The Solar Plexus Chakra represents our personal power. It governs both self-esteem and self-discipline.

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An activated Solar Plexus Chakra results in being confident, reliable and responsible. Those with a Solar Plexus that is not in balance will be prone to emotional outbursts and stress excess chakra activity or passivity blocked or slow. Since this chakra represents multiple parts of our lives, it can also be represented by a number of ways in the home. Areas associated with water are highly associated with emotional energies; so your bathroom or laundry room are a great place to examine for signs of distress think: faulty plumbing, faucets, lighting or messiness.

Cast a constructive eye toward your living areas. Is there adequate seating and lighting? Can you comfortably hang out there with a few friends?

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The Heart Chakra represents love as well as the consciousness of Divine Love. Problems with the Heart Chakra are characterized by troubled relationships, being overly critical or being stuck in the past.

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Sharing food with others whether family or friends is an act of Divine Love; on a fundamental level you are nurturing them and contributing towards their survival. We are naturally inclined to eat with those who we value the most, so the act of sharing food is very symbolic of this type of love. Choose your dining room or kitchen table as your representation of the Heart Chakra only if you actually use it for eating whether alone or with others.

Make sure that everything is in working order and that you have enough supplies to make the overall experience comfortable. But if you mostly eat take-out and never entertain, the dining area might not be the best choice for you. Hallways are similar to the veins in our body; the heart is the pump that creates circulation.

In your home, a hallway is the way for you and for Chi to get from one room to the next. So always make sure that this hallway or path is clear of clutter and obstructions. The Throat Chakra governs clear and concise communications. An open Throat Chakra allows you to find and express your authentic voice. If you are experiencing problems with expressing your feelings, finding your true voice or understanding what those around you are saying, then this might be a key zone for you to take a closer look at.

In the home, the Throat Chakra is best represented by your computer zone. Computers are now our main communication channel; whether you are Skyping, emailing or vlogging you are doing it through a computer or similar device. Finding your zone is super simple if you have a desktop computer — but if you use a laptop, think about where you use it the most. On the sofa? At the kitchen table? Are your files in order or is your desktop a mess? Are the screen and keyboard clean? Taking even a few minutes to restore order will put you on the path to a more open and balanced Throat Chakra.

The Third Eye Chakra is the master chakra; all other chakras must be open and balanced before this chakra can fully activate. It is the chakra of wisdom, spiritual devotion and intuition. An imbalanced Third Eye Chakra is coupled with insomnia, nightmares and indecision. Any spiritual space in your home is an obvious choice to represent this energy center. That could mean many different things: a meditation corner, small altar or even lucky you!

A home office or library is another excellent representation even if it falls on the logical side of the brain. But it is where your business, bills or schedule are maintained and therefore represents knowledge and control over your life in general. Libraries literally contain knowledge, but since owning a real library is probably unlikely, a large bookshelf is another ideal choice.

But whichever space best corresponds to this chakra for you, take a look around for any hot button issues like clutter or ways for the functionality to be improved. The Crown Chakra is our link to unity, oneness and group consciousness. This is the chakra that represents spirituality and enlightenment; signs of an imbalanced Crown Chakra are depression and anxiety. Since we are the most open to receiving messages whether from our own soul or from a higher power while we are sleeping, the bedroom is a natural choice for this chakra.

This is one of the most intimate rooms in the home and also one that we spend a lot of time in. The bedroom is home to our deepest emotional centers. Take a look around your bedroom for any key issues. Is your bed an inviting place for you to retreat to every night? Do you typically get a full nights sleep in it? Make sure your bed is neat, comfortable and nice to look at. The Crown Chakra can also be represented by the front door to our home.

How open are you to receiving new visitors—or new knowledge? Assess the state of your front door and entry. Again, look for any obvious problems: locks that are sticky or squeaky hinges. Maybe the door mat needs to be replaced or the door itself needs a cleaning. As such, a healthy home represents a healthy human, with a fully balanced, flowing chakra system.

Then leave your inhibitions at the door, and arm yourself with some of these spiritual ice-breakers, says Gabriela Herstik. Image: Kazel Lim via Behance. You know, that sweet vibration you get in your heart chakra when you meet someone else who just gets it. Yet the way in which we meet our soul sisters or brothers can be pretty funny.

Read on and let us know — do any of these soulmate chat up lines sound familiar to you? Mines a Cancer. I can feel it. Like your soul before your last past life regression. How did the convo go when you met your last Numi soulmate? Man it can get LOUD out there. Have you ever considered shutting down the noise and embarking on a day silent Vipassana meditation retreat? But I knew that meditating in silence for hours every day, for 10 days in a row, would be like learning to swim in the deep end.

I felt a little nervous, but also confident that I had the tools needed to process whatever thoughts or emotions might come up. And during the working meditations we could exchange words related to our jobs. But we were told to avoid eye contact whenever possible, the point being to help us stay focused on our internal experiences.

There would also be no reading or use of technology, and any kind of sexual conduct was disallowed. The teachers said they were intentionally keeping it simple to start us off, telling us to just keep coming back to our inhale and exhale, and our right and left foot, as we alternated between minute sitting and walking meditation periods.

The walking meditation was not like walking for exercise, or even walking to get from one place to the next. Take me away from the land of the slow, where people walk like zombies of the night! Like being told to go enjoy just one sip of wine, or one chocolate chip. But I practiced contrary action, and tried to do what I was told.

During one of the morning walking meditations I became momentarily captivated by the most beautifully bright little yellow flowers growing on a tree, surrounded by soft white fluff. Looking up I observed a large bush covered in white flowers, and then another one with pink flowers. How had I missed all this the day before? I watched a tall narrow tree bend in the wind as I listened to the chirping birds, my hand clasping a warm cup of tea. I felt the weather beginning to shift. I was grateful for something to do. My working partner was a woman named Margo who I had an immediate affinity for.

This was her fourth. Occasionally we would make accidental eye contact when passing each other on the grounds, and sneak smiles. As that was apparently what we were here to do. I was less sleepy by day three, but still pretty bored, and the fantasy thinking had been going into overdrive, carrying over into my sleep. Leftover residue from a life so busily lived that not everything can be fully processed. Or exercise. We did have Qigong at every afternoon, which gave us a chance to move our bodies, albeit slowly. It was taught by a German man named Franz Moeckl who was so charismatic that all the ladies started giggling the moment he appeared, and then again when he spoke.

I came to enjoy the simple foods. No seconds. No desire for more. She was all of my jagged edges and broken pieces hanging in a wind chime, clanging just outside my door. Please forgive me. I forgive myself. Instead I was left with a near-constant internal narration of my present-time experiences.

It kept me company, but was also kind of annoying. She asked me to explain why, and it really came down to a feeling that all of my experiences must be productive. I smiled when trying to imagine any of my family members doing this retreat. I sat on the front step and watched. I tease them all for being so Type A. Like when you just wake up from a deep sleep, and just lie there, too peaceful to move. I could also feel a strange pressure in my forehead, like it was opening up and pushing dense material off to the sides.

Keep going. Tears welled up in my eyes. The mindful eating was also very healing. But in meditation, I could sit with those sensations and feel them as they moved through me. I was eating plenty, but my body continued to feel lighter, healthier and more free. We broke silence the afternoon before our final day. We were told to partner up with someone and take turns listening and talking for three minutes each.